Saturday, February 7, 2009

Taking a break...KITKAT anyone?

I got this lovely award from Ratna and Nadia. There's two version here..

Ratna's - One have to write something about oneself...asking for ten '
..all about me..'
Nadia's - Write something about the person who tagged you and
write something about yourself later...'s the answer...

Nadia & Ratna...both of them are my new blogger friends.
From their writings.. I can understand that they are very friendly
person. Nadia is a teacher and is happily engaged to Kris, her charming
prince. Ratna...hmm...I haven't had much time reading her post and
getting to know her yet cause I am so buzy lately..but from
her picture, I must say, she is very pretty. Are you mixed?
To Nadia and Kris... 3 cheers from me. Nice knowing you guys.

Now here's "all about me.."

1. I am friendly.
2. I do play some musical instruments - guitar and tambourine
3. I love travelling, despite of this...I learned much and go through
some culture shock indeed..
(I'll write this in much later time)
4. I love hanging out with friends...having some 'pot luck' session..or going to movies.
5. My favourite colours are silver, purple, white, and black....I dislike yellow,
green... but I don't mind navy blue.
6. I do sometimes crave for chocolates. Never like dark or white chocolates.
Milk chocolates like 'Kisses' and 'Meiji' are my favourite ones.
7. I love red..and orange ones. I think they are lovely.
I don't mind tulips too. Tulips are hard to get in Malaysia but
aplenty alongside New Zealand's highway.
8. I love river cruising..
9. Mountain climbing is not my sport...but I do jungle trekking.
10. I was a girl guide during my schooltime.

I would like to give this lovely award to Minsulod, Nika, Kiszty,
Fatamorgana, Zener and Tatie. I think their blogs are really cute
and have good write-outs. You can find their blogs on my page -
My little Honeybuzz World and on this page as well. Thank you all for your friendship.
With hugs...


Minsulod said...

thanks for the lovely award honey. Having u as my blogger friend made me happy.Thanks dear friend. GBU

Other Side said...

Nice posting :thumbsup:and. Drop smile 4uu…:):). Have a weekend and great days :)

kiszty said...

thx for d tag.its later bru i do k hun. sorry i've been too busy..huhu.

Sang Cerpenis bercerita said...

Thanks sis for the award.
So glad that we have same belief. Ups, English is not so good.

HoneyBUZZin said...

Minsulod - You're most welcome. Keep on blogging! 3 cheers.

Other Side - Thank you for reading. I blogwalk your place too..good info you got there. keep it up! regards

Kiszty - It's ok. Take ur time. do it when you are really free k. TakeC

Fanny - I'm glad that u like the award. My English is not very good too..but we can learn together. It's ok. TakeC

c'BosouSada..huhuhu said...

hehehehe..thanks arr..i love honey skang ni saya sibuk sikit kunun ni..sorry buat juga tp agak lambat la..sorry :( arr...