Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I normally would not want to wake up at this hour. ..even if I can't sleep. Looking at the wall clock, it's only a quarter to four in the morning. It was very calm..very silent.
I have no idea whatsoever why this early..but now sitting, facing my computer..trying to get across what's in my mind.

I'm kindda buzy lately. Besides being so engrossed with my buzy schedule, I met some new friends but particularly one that asked me out for a date. I felt like banging my head against the wall when I promised him a "yes" answer. I regretted it so much now because he's not a nobody but a somebody.

He's been texting me every now and then, giving me hints.."don't forget u promise me a date".
How I wish it could be as easy as a cyber date just as I'd potray in a naughty essay concerning that special night with one blogger, named Uncle Lee.

How to say "NO"? at least in a polite way...tactful perhaps?

Friday, June 11, 2010

How I wish it wasn't true...

Upset? yes..definately. I knew him few years back. I still recalled, we were like best buddies and when he told me that his contract with the company he worked with due the coming month, I asked him to join our company.

I see no harm in helping someone who wanted a job and he's not only some 'hi and bye' kindda friends, he is but my good buddy. And now, I regretted that decision.

I don't know what had happened to him and to the friendship we'd built on good terms. It really saddened me to see his change of behaviour. He is no longer my old buddy..who's kind, understanding and a good cheer to me.

Today, it's not even a misunderstand..he got so mad and clench his fists. I was shocked to see his manner. I told him sharply" if you dare..."
He did not. He walked away.....