Monday, May 25, 2009

My heart will go on...

I felt a bit sad today.....I felt like a part of my heart is going to rip out. Only God knows how much this beating heart is hurting. I am not my usual self today....I wish friends will give me link to comforting pages or comforting songs to hear.
I am sorry. I can't help writing this out from my chest....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not a joke..but sure will make you smile!

I was quite stress just usual, all the workload and tsk..tsk..tsk.. Anyway, I can't help laughing when I saw this among my mails...hahaha..

Is your work load too heavy?Do you feel stressed?Too many priority assignments?
The Management will help you to be HAPPY. An Employee Happiness Kit will be issued to every employee. No Charge. The Happiness Kit consists of two rubber bands and two paper clips.

Now apply as shown in the picture below :


Have a nice day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

..with HIS hands holding yours..

Dear Valerie.....

I can't bring myself to see you away this morning....Eventhough I'm not there, that doesn't mean I have forgotten you.. I knew you struggled much during your lifetime...and today they sang farewell to you..that sweet touching trueth.."Amazing Grace".

It also rained today..somehow I felt it's like...a blessing left by you. I shed tears while driving home from work just now...with raindrops on my windscreen..It reminds me of growth. I remember....rain gives life to dry soil..imagining soft little buds of leaves coming out from there...even birds sang....wonderful isn't it dear?

I were with the Lord right now...with His hands holding yours. ..-silence -

I love you...and always will....near my heart...

(Valerie, a beautiful 10 years old girl, had gone home peacefully..thank you for prayers and love)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Feeling the pinch...

One of the most irritating thing that happened in my life are not so much like meeting rude people, or seeing a driver doing a nose digging job..but mine is when I have to tolerate a man-made machine which instruct you! - Telephone!

I felt pretty upset when it comes to urgency of matter and when you try so hard to reach the other party and the machine will replied 'Welcome to ......, please press one for English...please press two for ....and it dragged and dragged and dragged......and what? Grandma? You think I care?

That's not all...after you pressed that link goes again with promotion and many 'wasting time' 'Squeezing your money without you knowing it' method! How cunning!

I can sense my irritational level rise up to my throat...what is this? Can they cut it short? This is totally a daylight robbery...and of course without you noticing it! Why should you? The company is paying the bill!