Thursday, August 27, 2009

We have 3 stupid stages of life……….. what’s yours??

Teen age: Have Time + Energy …but No Money

Working Age: Have Money + Energy …but No Time

Old age: Have Time + Money …but no Energy

This is so true, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let those tears fall...

I was blogwalking this morning, browsing blog page to blog page....till I stopped at a page. (don't feel like mentioning who..) I can't help feeling sad..and feel like hugging her. She wrote about the loss of her brother in a fire. It must be a very painful ordeal for her and the rest of her family at this time of trial.

I remember losing a sister many years ago. She was born a paralytic. It is not easy to care for someone that is born abnormal. I can't recall how many sleepless night we gotta endure...worrying about her. At times mom and I would be a bit paranoid! Loving her so much yet thinking the worst at the same time. Worrying whether she's cold, hungry or sick..or maybe need a diaper change.

She needed constant care and supervision at all times..and that makes me my sister's keeper.
Many nights, i would try to talk to her, to reach out to her but only find it frustrating. My sister can barely talk...very few words and silence. It was really heartbreaking.

You have no idea how tired it was to care for special person like my sister. Now she's gone...her memories still lingers in my heart. No one can ever replace her.
For those who lost someone today....let's join our hearts together and pray for our loving ones.
Let those tears fall...but keep the memory intact in our hearts.

(My sister, I will always love you.... - your little phoenix @ Honeybuzz)