Monday, December 19, 2011

When the street goes lively....

Each year Gaya Street will come lively even with blessed rain. These are some of the 'get together' inter-churches that's came together despite differ denomination and VOILA! .... a jolly good bazaar selling wonderful treats, crafts, lip smacking food and you named it! One can see it's all feel good picturesque. Several choirs group singing Christmas Song and Boys Brigade handing out treats too. Here, let these pictures tell the story for you.

(FOOD TESTING - BULIH/ BELI BANYAK ADA LESS....hehehe...I can't help 'snapping' on this too. "boleh bah kalau kau!")

The human canvas .....nice! What a transformation!Firworks display too.................Kaboom!

This mark the end of each carnival night. I had plenty of fun, meeting many friends whilst strolling along the street. If you have been there, I wish you had one great night too.Gotta pen-off now. For all friends and readers that are celebrating Christmas, I would like to wish all "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and a BLESSED NEW YEAR 2012. God Bless!

With lots of friendship love,


Friday, December 9, 2011

It's a bling-bling holiday...

Just got back from Kuala Lumpur. A six day trip, saw plenty of beautifully decorated eating outlets and boutiques for a "bling" "bling" feel good mood and Christmas Holidays. I can't published all pictures, this picture upload by blogger is so sickening slow. Nevertheless, here's some picture for your perusal.

The above pictures are taken at The Curve. Staying at The Royale Curve, was most memorable.
One don't have to worry about food. I ate much, can't be bother with dieting. My motto of keeping fit has changed somehow..last time it was 'eat heathily"..but the 'eyes' are really sinful. Who on earth could remember dieting when surrounded by Asam laksa, Nasi lemak, Char Kuey Teow and even that Subway's can offer?

I also put up two nights at Cititel Mid Valley. Got very sick at one late night! Asked for an aspirin and some hot water. I don't get good feedback. No hot water too. Pretty bad for a Hospitality Industry. Lesson I learnt that day - bring a mini emergency kit with you whenever you travel.

and finally cakes...cakes...and more cakes displayed at Garden walkway...and it's all!

Love KL...but not the traffic jammed! TEEHEE!