Friday, March 27, 2009

60 minutes

Hi is EARTH HOUR. Let's switch off your lights for that 60seconds. That's your vote..Let's do it guys!

Note: I was so busy lately..I wish I can visit u more often and read your entry. Please accept my apology for not saying a word or two in your page. I hope will visit u soon. Last but not least, thank you for being my friend. TakeCare

Sunday, March 8, 2009

No medications....

A doctor advises his patients to exercise their neck by just reading this message.
In the end, all patients go home happily without asking the doctor for any medications. 'It is very effective,' said the doctor.
'All my patients never come back to me again.'

Friday, March 6, 2009

She smiles....

The Smiling Girl.....
Qian HongYan lost her legs in an accident
Her family in China are poor and couldn't afford false legs, so she uses a basketball to help her move. - Qian uses two wooden props to drag herself, and never complains, even though she has worn through six basketballs. -
She attends her class- She always smiles

Always smiling

Always smiling

Always smiling......

I found this email among many others. It really touches my heart when I saw those picture. Not just any other ordinary pictures...I didn't see a girl without legs..what I a brave heart..that courageous mindset! I hope this will change the way we think about life in a broader perspective.