Friday, June 5, 2009

It's not what you think...

I find this youtube truly inspiring...shed some tears too. Watch it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I did not watch our beauties walk down the hall with beautifully worn traditional costume last weekend while celebrating Harvest Festival but here - DINAWAN ISLAND where I took a half hour boat ride from Sutera Harbour jetty to this marvellous Island. You guys out there, this is an Island you MUST go after the famous more commercialized Manukan. Not as captivating as Pulau Tiga but surely another good getaway from the hustle and buzy lifeWell...get your gear on..hehe. Oh...I forgot to take a picture of that special goggle specially accustomed to snorkelling. Don't forget to bring along plenty of sun blocks...and insects 'I kill u' sprayer. Brutal!

Hammocks to rest your aching back after a swooping energetic 2 hours snorkelling session...good idea!

Apart from strolling along the beach..a little investigation leads me to this site. Giant clam shells..I saw plentiful lying around.

I went snorkelling too. Plenty of fish from different species. I saw some 'NEMO' doing some 'hide and seek' among the corals. ...and suddenly I was like....OUCH! OUCH! some fishes thought that I was food and peck on me.

Last but not least...A half an hour JET-SKI ride..REMMMMMMPIT! I was not allowed to ride it alone..but with supervision from the beach guard. How I wish he looked like my korean darling in the BOYS OVER GIRLS drama series..UNFORTUNATELY...he's not!

An exciting holiday getaway...I'm back with a tan skin and some bites from sandflies..and it still iche till today! URGGGGGGHHHH! PARTY's OVER
I hope friends do have a wonderful holidays too. Till we meet again....maybe should opt for para sailing next's just that you need to fork out more $. Uhuk! Uhuk!