Saturday, November 29, 2008


Whoaaa......sorry cause it seems that I kindda abandoned this blog. Actual fact, NO... I think I can expressed myself better in Bahasa Language.
Just now, while driving along the coastal highway along Teluk Likas, I saw a huge cruise ship like the picture above parked at the shoreline. I saw many people enjoyed the sights of the beauty vessel.
I remembered, once taking a cruiseliner from Singapore to Langkawi. It was a memorable experience... Can't forget that small bunk bed....(really missed my own bed)
There were many exciting programmes like 'line dance exercises' and plenty of other mini 'huhas'. ..also a mini casino in the ship. Just too bad cos I don't gamble.
Foods are aplenty and before we depart to our next destination on land, the Captain of the ship joined us for the last meal and bid us farewell.
Quite an experience..but that was it. My holidaying in a cruise liner. Hopefully it won't be the very last time. *sigh*


GregChai said...

traveling on a cruise liner can be fun, adventurous, but not to those who get sea-sick every time they are on board a cruise ship. :)

for a minute i thought you are going to close this blog, sure know how to attract peoples attention eh :)

i hope you will never close this blog, coz i really enjoy visiting HoneyBUZZ Hive :)

Kris and Nadia said...

Ya... i saw it too... wooo... wish to cruise wif it someday.. honey buzz, we'r always support u and this blog..yeah! keep it up...

Beck the BandagedKnees said...

:P hmm.. should try that lol.. have not experiences on thi kind of trip.. :D

wats cooking..? hehe

Minsulod said...

mcm bro greg..thought that you're clossing this blog.

Nice post honey. Hopefully one day I'll be spending my hols on a cruise liner. Mesti best.
thanks for sharing dear. GBU