Friday, November 14, 2008


I attended a workshop on Trade finance this morning. This is soooo NOT ME!
When you talk about trade thingy...first thing comes to mind is
Business-Transaction-Money. My term spells - B-O-R-I-N-G.

Luckily the food does compensate to today's boring event...know'd what..
I have meaty cheese sandwiches and chicken boxing (fried chicken)
for teabreak! Not bad huh!Alright..alright...Not gonna talk about
bonds, financing or INCOTERMS and all the bla bla and bla's..
but I just wanna highlight something here.

Have u come across people who simply don't listen to instructions?
I hate it..hate it..hate it each time when I'm in the peak of my
concentration, there's a phone ring somewhere in the room.
And despite being asked to switch off much earlier before the
sessions starts..these IDIOTS continually receiving calls! Duh!

( time I'll learn some acronyms from you!...and what's
the word again darlin'?')
Have you encounter idiots like that before? Tell me your story.


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

LOL the 'lmao' thingy hun? hehe.. naa.. (ada2 jak ko ni.. honey.. laugh my ass out..? O_o"" ) LMAO! xD

hmm i hates rules.. but i owez hav no prob on tolerant wif it.. :) n its a total pissing when u hav to deal wif person who really doesnt care bout other pple.. Xpecially the effect of their doing! they ever care!

n the question: Have you encounter idiots like that before?
...i'll say "all the time hun! xD" lol.. n u r reading every pieces of it.. xD rock on.. hun! xD

Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

same as beck, i hate rules. but, for that kind of incident, yeah, i hate it.
last tym i watch narnia at cinema, i can hear this second narrator from behind. (duh! i know it, dont tell me what happen!!)
yeah, one women at the back keep on talking "you see, the mouse will.. blabla.. the lion will.. blabla"