Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"Sawadeeka"...I was greeted that night whilst walking into
a hotel in Bangkok, few years ago. I don't know what it meant
but it's their common greetings when they meet someone.

Our tour guide, a lady, told us that if you are a woman..

greetings should be "sawadeeka" and for a man, "sawadeekap".
See the difference?

But this is not what I intend to write today.
Few weeks ago I came across
under the Bahasa article "Dikejar oleh Pondan" by Sanny.

(His encounter with a ladyboy at a dark alley) I wanted
so much to comment about this, but I hold it back.. I
thought, maybe someday, when I'm ready to have a blog,

I'll write it down instead for all to read. So..here I am!

I remembered going to a show in Pattaya, Thailand...

what's the name again..let me think..hmm..yes,
"Tiffany"..Yes! yes! that's the name. I don't know whether
you've seen this Tiffany show or not? There's skits, dancing
and fashion show alike in this show..and the actor/actresses..

are the 'aquas'...but I rather called them ladyboy.

These ladyboys are georgeous.. maybe not like the one our

dear friend Sanny, met at the dark alley.. but these ladyboys
are stunning, tall and very sexy. I can't recalled how much we
paid for the show but it was really entertaining. The place was
like a mini opera house. Right after the show, these entertainers
will meet the crowds and a certain amount is charged for a

I was quite curious that evening and being a friendly person,

I queried our lady tour guide about these ladyboys.
She told me that these ladyboys spent a large sum of money
to keep their body intact like that. They took hormonal jabs
every week to maintain their figure..you know what I mean?

Being very anxious, wanting to know more, I asked her further..

" What about their life- span..? I mean, with all the jabbings
(Got such word or not?)..every week..must be risky and
damaging to health, isn't it? This was her reply.."60years if they are
lucky..but mostly until 40years".

GULP! no more questions about them. Another Tiffany show?

Sorry..not for me. I would never want to see another Tiffany
show..I can't bear to learn the truth behind the scene.


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