Friday, September 26, 2008


I thank God for a good life He's given me. It's not so much about things of the world..but I found that the most precious gifts God has given me are true friends. They are pearls and precious stones, very valuable. My friends, to those that I know..and to those that yet to come...I dedicate this blog to all of you. Cheers!

Jade - Thank you for being there when I most needed a shoulder to cry on.
You are my little laughing angel, you are smart and you ROCK!

Pearl - I cried many years for a loss of a sister, but God replace me YOU.

Eleen - My motivator. You make me smile with your easy going..."It's okay maa..." attitude.
very positive...Thank God for positive people like you.

KVun - Hehe....YES Maam'...No need to elaborate you!

Audrey - My blessed are those who know you.

Grace - My best buddy.

Josephine H - You are God sent angel..Thank you for helping me out in my times of need.

..and a toast to Shirley, Pat, May, P.Amy, P.Sonia, P.Margaret, Sis Dora...and a whole lot more.
Words cannot describe how much every each one of you mean to me. I'd learned about trust, caring, risk-taking and all that friendship could embrace in our hurried and harried lives.

Trully indeed " Great things are done by people who think great thoughts and then go out into the world to make their dreams come true"....

I saw all of you ..just did that!

with much love and regards...always....

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