Friday, April 3, 2009

Should I say 'goodbye' ?

Should I say goodbye? I don't quite sure at this moment but I was way to buzy lately.
I kept asking myself this question..should I proceed writing blogs? Should I continue to update my these two blogs? Mind boggling eh...

I missed my bloggers friends soooo much..I wished I can blogwalk..or at least say a word or two to just let them know of my presence at their page...signalling them that 'I was here' nudge.

I am torn between two..whether to continually writing or abruptly stop writing..should I say GOODBYE??

I love writing so much. ..but I ain't have much time nowadays...(sobsobsob).
Friends said.."Give yourself a break..""hey...take things easy eh"..and many comforting words. What say you? Should I quit altogether? Needed a listening ears..Would you give me an ear?


memeljoan said...

Hi there, hmm...don't quit...don't say still can write when you have some free time...besides, blogging is a way for you to release your tense...:)

Minsulod said...

honey please don't stop blogging.
we love to have you around. Enjoyed reading your blog too.
atleast you know the right place to express your feelings literaly when there's no one wanna lend you their ears.
:) GBU

GregChai said...

common Honey don't leave us, we need you, it won't be the same without you around.

i enjoy reading your post on both blogs. :D

don't say goodbye ... :(

HoneyBUZZin said...

Thank you all for your support! Thanks for the friendship too.

Lala said...

Hai....don's say pren