Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mystery reveals...part 2

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6 random things about HONEYBUZZ
1- The first thing you gotta know about me is....I loved.... eating. Please do not get the wrong impression that i might looked like another "sumo" cause I'm not. I loved all types of food...EXCEPT exotic food..cos I don't like funny taste in my mouth. I go for Italian, Japanese, Mexican and Malaysian food. ( I don't mind kangkung belacan arr..)

2- The second thing you gotta know about me is...I DISLIKE SMELLY TOILETS..urggggh.....

3- The third thing you gotta know about me is....since young till adulthood..I really can't recall how many ambitions I'd changed...till I settled and THANK GOD..the lists IS OVER with the present one. I'd dreamed of astronout, an astronomer, an art teacher, an archeologist, a fashion designer, a journalist, a writer, a forensic scientist, a ballet dancer, a cartoonist, a musician, a world class chef...adoooiiii...what a dreamer....ONLY God knows!

4- The fourth thing you gotta know about me is...I love to SWIM!

5- The fifth thing you gotta know about me is...I DON'T SEW! ..but I can cook! Is this a good bargain or what? hehe

6 - The sixth thing you gotta know about me is...I am the youngest daughter in my family. Many said that I looked like a Korean...or a sinoKADAZAN...huhu but NEVER a chinese.

I am tagging 7 people instead of 6 because i love to know about them... ^0^ (copycat version)

..and the lucky ones goes to...JENG JENG JENG...hands clapping..



3) Brader RENO


5) C.Alv.B

6) SHY

7) Ninie Jane

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Minsulod said...

hi honey...
now i know a bit more about you friend.Thanks for the tag dear.K nanti sia answer your tag k.

E-Tavasi said...

Nice blog.. Hello My first time sy rasa datang sini hehehe.. i don't know where should i put i just write here (^^,)

Ryuzaki "L" The KiD said...

Lol! you tagged me. Ok, ill do em later. thanks honey. hehe..

C.Alv.B said...

Hahhaa..will do it later..I mean the tag hehehe

Clarence said...

oo you can cook ?? heheh..

Andrik McVean said...

haloo are u? long time not see ya? i was in sabah bah dat time , dat is y i can't visit your blog..i was busy travelling sabah in i just ot job and working here in penang..

Nanaybelen said...

hi dropping by here. Nice to know about you