Saturday, March 3, 2012


From the Producer of "Ip Man 2" & "14 Blades" comes an action comedy movie starring Henry Thia, Fiona Xie, Michael Chuah and Wang Xiao Chen.

Watched this movie just now. If you like martial arts especially KUNFUs,this is the movie that you should watch. Good story line, no hanky panky female exploitation, sometimes funny and plenty of fist fights scenes. A good movie to watch.

To the producer of 'IP MAN 2' - Congrats! U did it again!


Apple said...

Owh.. The pic kinda showing street yankees/ HK triads, is it a modern kungfu film? I love HK triads muvi, the election and Infernal Affairs are must see movies.Hoho..
Love IP man and the 2nd. The 3rd kinda... No Donnie Yen so no interest. Hoho.. 14 better than 13 Blades. But it depends tho. Lol.
Thanx for sharing honey.

HoneyBUZZin said...

Hi Apple,
It's a modern kungfu kindda film..somewhat like IP Man younger version..the kungfus' depicted there were slightly more the same like depicted in the IP Movies.
I would suggest u to watch this..very entertaining. You will be surprise.Rgds