Friday, June 24, 2011

The Little Prince

Now, where shall I begin?

I was cleaning up....nope...what's the word...overhauling??..yes, overhauling...I can't help but to do some overhauling volunteering work in that messy office next to mine. With boxes stacking..and plenty 'headache' materials to sort out, surely can easily makes one man insane! But then, after much painstaking effort sorting and throwing 'rubbish', my eyes caught sight of a small thin book which laid between the files and some old documents.

A thin book and simply illustrated in animation, it depicts a little boy standing on somewhat a large balloon. I further read from the back cover, it is stated then that this book was first published in 1943 by one Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

On one page, in it simply written these words in fountain black:-

" Dear ......, "what is important to the heart, is invisible to the eyes"..with love JV.

This is rather strange, I thought - Why on earth does a mature man wanting to read something like this..I mean, not that I mean, adult MUST read adult books but why someone would give this sort to one mature? A fairy tale indeed but is it all fairytale??

That is when out of curiosity, I took that book home and read. And Lo' that was the first time ever had I completed reading one book in a single day! Amazing..I would say.

I find this book fascinating afterwards, I can't agree more when the writer put it in this way "When you talk to them(people) about a new friend, they never ask questions about essential matters. They never say to you " What does his voice sound like? what games does he prefer? or does he likes butterflies?" but rather "how old is he? how many brother does he have?" and he further mentioned " if you were to say to them(people) I've seen a beautiful house built with pink bricks and ....doves on the roof.." They would not be able to imagine such a house". (unless you mention it in figure terms ) then they would exclaim "Oh! How lovely!

And he further wrote about one being tamed the heart.

I couldn't agree more. My heart's being tame by all who reads my blog..who commented...who always wish me well and best of everything.

I just wish...someday...we could meet...even a thousand miles away...maybe just around the corner...But's just a wish...but than, I rather it stays that way...beautifully kept in the little corner of my world. Always there...unique..mysterious........

Just wanna say " Thank you for being my friend!"

Blessed Weekend!

Being thankful today...signing off -

your little friend - Honeybuzzin

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh this is an eye opening post. You were struck and inspired by the book you read and you somehow related that to your own life. I understand your feeling of trying to reach out to the world for friendship and I must say I will be so honored and delighted to be your friend. We may be separated by miles of space and cultural and religious barriers but friendship can blossom even in such a barren environment. Thanks for the inspiring post. God bless you always.