Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is for you, Valerie

I was at the hospital visiting you just now. We went there with other 'Kokos' (brothers) and jiejie's (sisters)...Teacher Jade was there as well. I saw u, sleeping on the bed..your hand was bending towards your swelling face.
I can't hold back my tears..I wept there. I whispered softly at your ears..."Valerie...This is T... _____...I'm here..". I touched your weak hands, giving it a soft touch! I just wanna say how much I'm sorry to hear that you were in a coma for several days and only gain consciousness 2 days ago.
Be strong dear !...when you're fine, I will bring you to my place..and show you this blog...and share with you that whilst you were fighting for your life, we were here praying unceasingly for you..
I want you to know that Teacher Jade has been asking everybody to start a 24hours prayer chain for you. We love you so strong dear...we love you..Jesus loves you.

Here...I want to show you that you were not alone there.

THE VALERIE CHAIN PRAYER - The meaning of "love" that we taught you so much in Sunday School. Prayers with love and tears.

1am - Florence
2am - David Leong
3am - Peter Lu
4am - ....
5am - Teacher Evelyn & I
6am - Reverand Tan & Teacher Eleen
7am - Pastor Lily
8am - Lily
9am - Clarissa
10am - Ivan & Lavinia
11am - Abbigail Hiew
12am - ..
1pm - your MOM
2pm - Teacher Pearl
3pm - Crystal Teoh
4pm - Liana
5pm - Elaine
6pm - Teacher Grace
7pm - Lisa
8pm - Teacher Jade
9pm - Yeong Sheng
10pm - Shin Yi
11pm - Chok
12am - Khin En may not know all of them..but we love you just the same. Get well soon...get well soon. Amen!

(Specially dedicated to Valerie...10yrs old...our love and joy..and also our tears)


Minsulod said...

will pray for dear valerie. Hope she will get well soon.

GregChai said...

Get well soon dear Valerie

tikno said...

My pray for Valerie. Hope the God's mercy will touching her.

†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

may valerie will get better soon! blessed be with her..

HoneyBUZZin said...

Thank you all for well wishes and prayers..I really do hope she gets well soon.
Regards to all..